Testimonial Tree product update - create social images

Product Update: Turn Your Testimonials into Social Images

We’re excited to announce a new and improved way to create social images in Testimonial Tree. Learn more about what's included in the brand new interface!
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We’re excited to announce a new and improved way to create social images in Testimonial Tree! 

We know that having access to easy-to-edit, modern image templates to showcase your testimonials on social media is important to the growth of your business. That’s why we’ve completely redesigned how you create social images in Testimonial Tree.

With the interface, you’ll be able to easily create professional, social-friendly images to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. You’ll find all the features you’re used to, along with a number of pretty awesome improvements, including:

  • A new, streamlined interface that enables you to create eye-catching images in seconds
  • A library of freshly designed, modern social image templates 
  • Ability to customize templates to match your brand (e.g., color, font, location, logo)
  • Options to include or hide specific text fields like (e.g. license number, team name) based on industry and/or company requirements
  • Templates that auto-resize text based on the length of your testimonial 

Plus, you will have the ability to easily download images to share on social media, maximizing the marketing impact of your testimonials. Learn more about the new beta feature here.

Login into your Testimonial Tree account today to see the new interface in action. 

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