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3 Tips To Get More Online Reviews in 2018

3 Tips To Get More Online Reviews in 2018
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If you have a business that’s providing products or services it’s crucial in 2018 to have great online reviews from your customers. There are numerous way to get reviews and testimonials online but here are the top three tips to collect more client feedback.

#1  Have more than one page on your website for reviews and testimonials

Google LOVES user-generated content! Create a page for just testimonials where potential customers can learn from your past customers about what to expect when doing business with you. Remember: people buy from people. Let your customers brag about you and keep the content on you website fresh and original. This will help you rank high in search results and will bring you more business. It’s a good idea to also have some reviews or testimonials on your homepage in addition to your testimonial page.

#2  Share your reviews and testimonials on your social media networks

Increase your exposure by reaching not only your own social network connections but also the ones of your friends, family, and customers. Encourage them to share a review on their profile and give you a shoutout. If you are connected with a customer, you could share the nice feedback they left you and tag them in your post. That way their connections will also see your post and the customer maybe be more inclined to share your post because it highlights their kindness. And who doesn’t love to feel appreciated?

#3  Automate your reputation marketing process

You’re busy doing what you do. You don’t want to do extra tasks to chase down your clients for an online review. That’s where an automated feedback collection platform comes in handy. Software such as Testimonial Tree makes it easy to integrate into your website and online review sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp so you don’t have to manually filter the feedback that comes in and share it one by one. You focus on doing a great job and the software makes it easy for you to automatically send out a feedback request that will encourage your client to share their positive review on social media. It also automatically posts the happy stories to your website. No need to change anything you’re doing.

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